“Jaane woh kaise log the jinke pyar ko pyar mila..”

2014 has given us some blockbusters and a few dramas managed to make some place in the heart of the viewers and made us remember it forever. Women have always been the main focus in the dramas but there were some male dominated stories that managed to find a hold in the tears of the women and ‘Pyarey Afzal’ was one of them. There are many popular Pakistani channels that show Pakistani dramas but up and down has always been there but according to the audiences response ARY Digital has been showing well constructed serials that are liked by the audiences.

Historically Pakistani dramas have been doing quite well and they tend to be on a better path than the movies that are being released. It is expected that 2015 is going to be even better and brighter, but in 2014 ‘Pyarey Afzal’ became the overall the favorite drama because of its love struck hero, perfectly carved story and the gripping emotions portrayed by the characters.

The drama, penned by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar who initially had a different ending planned, caught the imagination of a lot of people and fascinated the nation like no other serial this year. ‘Pyarey Afzal’ for all the reasons listed above and for being a serial with heart and soul is the reason why it is known as the best serial of 2014. Afzal who was not afraid of anyone neither of challenges, he would show his feelings not like the regular boys who are afraid of showing expressing themselves.

The story had its charm but Hamza Ali Abbasi added the extra value to the entire story with his innocent looks and not so angry man look, he pulled off the character well enough. The credit goes to Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar, Nadeem Baig and Hamza Ali Abbasi for bringing back that old fashioned masculinity that never really died, the gentleman, the man who honors what is good and protects those who need it without ever losing his humility.

Ayeza Khan wins the heart of many viewers who played the role with pride and integrity with a complete pack of sentimentality. Khalil ur Rehman Qamar created Farah Ibrahim’s character as an arrogant beauty who refused to acknowledge Afzal till the very last minute. This was the most heart-touching part and the way the story was wrapped couldn’t be any better. Ayeza played her role with an unfaltering determination that showed how good an actress she is. Farah Ibrahim was calm, controlled and Ayeza held the role together to complete the story along with the powerful hero.

Sana Javed added some spark to her role of playing Lubna in ‘Pyaray Afzal’ she had a plan for every situation and that is the point that showed women are not always weak. The beautiful Sana gave a wonderful performance that was the perfect foil to her rather stubborn but equally lovely sister Farah.

‘Pyarey Afzal’ was a very emotional drama and it is a must watch, the drama is known as one of the best dramas of the year. You can watch all the episodes of ‘Pyarey Afzal’ here to always remember this beautiful story.

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