Love does not mean anything if there is no commitment in it..Marium and Umair loved each other and got married from past some time now. Umair believed in love and marriage but apparently not in the commitment.Extra marital affair was his one insane decision which made him divorce Marium. But for her trust and commitment in love was everything. Her heart was broken awfully and she had no trust left for anybody now. Umair realizes it later after divorcing her that he made a mistake and he still loves her. Asad is Marium’s cousin but belongs to a very lower class family. He loved her but couldn’t express it because of his status. Marium’s father asks Asad to marry his daughter for the sake of Halala so that she can go back to Umair. Marium without knowing this; marries to Asad for the sake of her father. When Marium will get to know that this marriage was also on the basis of false commitment, What she would do?Who will she choose to live now? Asad or Umair?

Director: Ramish Rizvi

Writer: Aymal Raza


  • Sonia Mishal,
  • Gohar Mumtaz,
  • Ali Abbas,
  • Saba Hameed,
  • Waseem Abbas,
  • Mahi Baloch,
  • Iqra Fayz,
  • Farah Nadir,
  • Sundus Tariq,
  • Humaira Zaheer & others

This Drama is Over , But You can watch all the episodes click  here

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