So this explains a lot that the lack of sleep and being overtired can actual cause sickness. There is a new research that why sleep is important to slip out of misery of flu and other sicknesses. Due to the hectic routine now a days people tend to cover up their sleep into a power nap which is somehow a good therapy to sustain your system ,but having an 8 hour sleep is sufficient to help our body system retain more immunity which causes a great resistance against infectious  germs. According to the research the poor sleep issues can cause higher risk of body cell destruction , our immune system may not work the way it is suppose to because of poor sleep issues., it can also block certain processes in the DNA wich are responsible to fight against the germs.


So sleep needs may vary in person to person , and those people who usually sleep less than what actual time requires for a healthy sleep let’s say for an hour only can damage their cells and also effect on the cells that produce protein molecules  in our body . We can discuss some measures to halt the spreading infections in our body and may regain the number of cell building in the DNA and also the interrupting factors that disturbs the immunity system within a body .


Only if an hour sleep is skipped , it may cause enough damage:  So what it takes to get enough sleep that is required to make your system healthier. Research says that sleep provides the time when brain neurons connects where they prepare your brain energized for the next day , it is a perfect time to allow your brain to be more vibrant because when we are awake we tend be more like a slave , with the catchy routine once needs sufficient sleep.


High Caliber slumber : After an extended slumber , the restless brain tends to act a little more than normal, so when you are preoccupied with the external world out there, what is more expected is to relax your overloaded mind by arranging a sleep sphere, High rate of prolonged slumbers caused immense damage to your brain cells when they are working with the less active routine then it is suppose to.


Prolonged Rest: So when we discuss the pros and cons both holds with an eminent importance, there are 2 types of sleepers one who without experiencing multiple distraction except for once can prolong their sleep era to much extended hours, however the ones who experience multiple sleep distractions tend to have problems in immune system aswell. So the difference has its own odds.


Identifying the problems yourself; 27% of people do not sleep at once without taking a 30 minutes of gap  that makes them fall in sleep, Some have a stressful mind and are unable to pitch a good sleep , however upon the relaxed mind the stress and negativity takes its place more than an occupied brain. So try to identify the issues of lack of sleep and what makes your blessing turned into a living nightmare.


Aristotle advised, that sleep tends to restore the ruins , it actually rebuilds and reconstruct the damaged and burns that took place throughout the day in our bodies. So the essential element to grab a good sleep are the hours that needs to be invested much.

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