The drama serial “Ye Ishq” is a love bound story where family relationships comes first, as Mishkaat and Maaz holds the weight of honor on their shoulders . The episode revealed the nikkah of both to Fatima and her ex-husband when Anna Ji showed up at Fatima’s house and told her the truth of Maaz & Mishkaat’s secret nikkah and claimed Mishkaat her official daughter-in-law . The news was a shocker for Fatima and her dad and was not expecting such flare on the occasion of Mishkaat’s commitment day when her future in laws were present.

Fatima could not bear the whole situation and let Mishkaat go , this made her angry to the extreme. Maaz and Anna Ji took Mishkaat to their house and on her arrival everyone was astound of Maaz’s new wife. It was difficult for Mishkaat to adjust in Maaz’s house as it made her upset to confront her careless father who remarried and his daughter Neha , apparently Mishkaat’s step sister.

Will Mishkaat ever adjust in her in-laws and be able to accept Maaz as her husband?
Will Fatima holds her anger for her daughter?
Will Neha let go of Maaz and finally accepts the fact that he is gone?

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