wrong no

wrong no


Javed Sheikh, Danish Taimoor, Sohai Ali Abro, Janita Asma, Danish Nawaz, Shafqat Cheema and Nadeem Jafri

Directed by:

Yasir Nawaz

Pakistani cinema is back to revival and to start the trend we have Wrong No which is a Pakistani film produced by YNH and ARY Films with the story and direction done by Yasir Nawaz.

Wrong No has been the treat for people to watch on Eid 2015 and the cinemas have been houseful all across Pakistan. The story is about Sallu (Danish Taimoor) who wants to become an actor but due to his family and his father Haji Aba (Javed Shaikh) who wants his son to continue the business as a butcher.

Sallu was completely against the fact to become a qasai and is in hopes to become an actor one day. He escaped his family in search of his dream. The movie takes a twist which was not expected to happen.

Laila (Sohai Ali) is in love with Sallu whereas he has no interest in her but Laila never gives up. The song ‘Kundi’ has a catchy tune and was perfect for the situation. Sohai does justice to her role and is the source of entertainment for the audiences.

The movie is garnished with some Bollywood masalas, but the movie is a good watch filled with entertainment and fun. Javed Sheikh is a perfectionist and holds the movie together his presence was very important. His every scene was filled with laughter.

Janita Asma is the the twist in the movie whereas Shafqat Cheema is seen as doing what he does best, a villain role. Nadeem Jafri and Danish Nawaz are also seen in a comical role which will leave you hungry for more of their acting.

Wrong No is a movie which has some really good punch lines, some comical jokes and some catchy tunes. There were quite a few songs in the movie, out of which Kundi and Selfiyan were very addictive to the viewers and this would really add to one’s playlist.

Pakistani movies are making the effort and this can be clearly seen in the movies, from the songs to the acting and story everything was up to the mark. The first half of the movie was captivating but after the interval the movie becomes a drag.

Overall, Wrong No is totally worth your time and money. Wrong No is a movie which has some really good punch lines, some comical jokes and some catchy tunes.

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