The episode has taken a hurtful twist as Zubaria is going through a difficult times, and trapped in her own thoughts. She is crossed with Ghaziyan of not officially declared to her family about their living in a same house because of her rukhsati which is still needs to be done. On the other hand it all seems as legit to Ghaziyan and sounds perfectly safe for them to move in as they are officially husband and wife, with this small argument which took its toll made Ghaziyan leave home to avoid more fight.

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Despite of the fact that Ghaziyan’s phupho was against this marriage he always stood tall against the world to be with Zubaria, and this bond called love grew stronger, but this baseless argument bore between created an immense compulsive circumstance that jolted the whole family. As Ghaziyan took off from his house he was driving rashly as so many thoughts cluttered his mind numb, he was physically in a motion but his mind was totally absent , lost in a whirl and his car was hit badly with another vehicle. The road accident was so severe that led him to the hospital.

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This accident was held by Dr. Farah’s car when she driving on her way home , never knew this coincidence could bring these two people who were struggling in their lives to find the answers of the hidden truths so close. As nature favored Dr. Farah she was safe and had few bruises but Ghaziyan’s life was troubled. Dr. Altamash handled his case very wisely and tried his level best to help him live again. It was a critical situation for Zubaria to know as it was just another petty argument and would be resolved quickly , however on being informed about Ghaziyan’s hospitalization Zubaria was moved off her feet. The play displayed the saddest event when Ghaziyan was no longer alive with his family, he requested for the last time to Zubaria for playing their voice note while he was on vent and that moment the darkness spread and Zubaria’s life crashed all of a sudden.

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Will Zubaria be able to cope with the thrashing truth of Ghaziyan’s death?
Will Zubaria ever be accepted and respected after the loss?

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