After Ghaziyan’s death the entire family is suffering from an emptiness, especially the circumstances that Zubairia is facing as she is expecting with Ghaziyan’s offspring. The entire negligence that she is facing by the family made her furious and upset to the extreme. Her immediate family has abandoned her as her own brother disowns her , with Zubairia’s pregnancy made everyone upset as Ghaziyan’s death was a jolt and no one has recovered yet but this news made everyone tensed. Zubairia’s mami was there for her only when everyone left her , she was supportive and is taking care of her. On the other hand Dr. Farah is too afraid to confront her fears as the notion of accusing herself for Ghaziyan’s death made her stressed day by day that she discontinued her practice even.

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Dr. Altamash is constantly chasing after Farah by not giving up on her but to help her and take her out of the quicksand she was in after this incident. Although everyone was going through tough situation and this anger was growing under everyone’s mind but Farah accuses herself of the accident that happened. Ghaziyan’s father is going through a trauma where is not able to accept this great loss and is unable to replace the situation. There was a doubt in the air for Zubairia’s condition if the child she was bearing was Ghaziyan’s or not.

Ghaziyan’s phupho is a head strong and is not at all content with the marriage from the very start and has disapproved Zubairia’s existence always. She has been bitter and has put wrong allegations on Zubairia for the accident , they are in sheer state of doubt if the child is Ghaziyan’s. Nimra stands alone with the belief that the child belongs to Ghaziyan although she sacrificed her happiness for the sake of Ghaziyan’s will but after all these years she has a soft corner for his wife and stands by her side in this time of despair.

Will the entire family change their disbeliefs into a faith of Zubairia’s truth as she bears Ghaziyan’s offspring?
Will Zubairia be welcomed by Ghaziyan’s dad?
Will Zubairia face all the negativity around her and give up on the child?

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