Drama serial ‘Tumhare Hain’ has emerged with a diversion to the story as Danial is suffering from disparity because he is uncertain of his marriage with Zoya . There are two part of the stories that are displaying in the play and has a different perspective to view the life. Danial’s friend gave him a food for thought by making him realize his state and to embrace his previous life at his parents’ house to manage his family business, and this conversation shook his grounds because somewhere inside his brain he really wanted to go back in his life and there was this thought that made him sick of choosing Zoya and griping the path he never meant for.

On the other hand, Rayan is actually turning into a new leaf as there was one major reason that keeps him motivated and to be sober in life to achieve better future. He got a job at a reputable organization and with his seriousness act towards life his parents were happy and agreed on Aania’s proposal for marriage. Rayan and Aania loves each other and wants to get married but this was the price Rayan was paying to be sober and mature with his life.

There was a turn in the story when Danial left Zoya all alone and Zoya searched for him everywhere she felt trapped and victimized by the situation that shook her soil . When the situation got out from her hands she immediately informed Rayan her bestie and they both spent time to look for Danial.

Will Zoya accept her life without Danial?

Will Zoya ever find out the truth of Danial’s intention?

If Zoya is abandoned ,will her parents ever shelter her existence?

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