Another episode displaying the spirit of audacity of Noor when he confronts the bitter reality of his dreams being crushed infront of his eyes, as it was the truth that he will never be able to marry tothe girl he loves the most, however he stood up and thanked his mother and Mikaiyal of their endless efforts and immense support. ¬†On the other hand Kashmala cannot conceive as she is physically ill and with t his fact Kashmala and Zain are growing apart , this all turns in a whirl when people tend to regret on their deeds but time flies. Zain tried to visit Mahi’s house but her mother forbid Zain not to enter in her life again when she has been through alot, now Zain is fighting with his emptiness and is highly under the weather of rejecting and leaving behind his family.

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Zain totally blames his mother , the things and decisions she used to make for his life, she has been driving his senses for his entire life and now as he is alone as his second wife is staying at her mother’s house , he feels subjugated. Zain’s mother is ill and had an heart attack due to the situations her son is facing. Mahagul has finally taken a step to marry Mikayail but she faces this emptiness and still feels the hollow inside her heart. The couple is facing immense glitches and might on the verge to break their marriage.

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Will Zain and Kashmala ever mend their ways to get back together?

Is Mahi excepting Mikayail whole heartedly to spend the rest of her life with him?

Will Zain’s mother ever realize of her wrong decisions being forcefully implemented in Zain’s life made a real mess?

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