So the trend of shedding tears  making the viewers actually weep over is really some piece of art. So we are blessed with so many actresses with the discussed trait, however no one can ever beat these two Queens of Sob, Mawra Hocane and Sajal Ali.

When she starts to cry, looks like “ami ne baat nahi maani dost k ghar janay ki” .. 


And continues to sob over anything :/ 


And with that puppy eye face.. she keeps on requesting with those teary eyes to let her visit her friend’s place ..”Ahh such a story of my life”.


No wonder she is the sweetheart and a girl crush , topping the innocence chart of all times


And the drama will continue “Cry me a river” baby..


And next up we have Mawra on the track…

here we go!!!! the legendary on and off mood swings, it has become a rarity for longing her smile so the below picture can describe it all. 


“Mere sath hi kyun hota hai aesa”  as her face tells the issue and here we go again , tear drop falling like a rain.. Awww!


Cry baby won’t stop and she is actually good in shedding tears , and she lets everyone cry along with her . 


And the off and on mood just drags with the off-track moods most of the time. 


And the smile can just fade away very easily , “I’m a cry baby from a cry land”. lol 


Mawra looks extremely cute and is a topper in best sobbed actresses and has made a good follower league. 


And Sajal has always make us fall in love with her cry baby acting skills, she really knows how to grab followers. But girls try to cheer up for once and can opt for happy go girl characters. 🙂 


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