Tooba and Omair are finally married and a bright future awaits her, the girl who went through hell and has suffered enough deserves a tad bit of happiness. On the night of her wedding Tooba was frightened of her husband but the affection she received from Omair changed all of that. Looks like she will actually be with her prince charming.

Ghayal has reached a major climax with re introducing Adil! The psychotic man is apparently Hadia’s husband, now this just got really interesting. After finding out that Adil is related to Omair Tooba is dumfounded and obviously can’t gather enough courage to live in the same house as he does. No matter where she stands now her past will always haunt her.

Adil seemed equally shocked after seeing Tooba, the rendezvous was something extraordinary! This twist has no doubt made the audience glued to their TV screens, Tooba’s family meets Adil and are too in other state of mind. Unaware of Adil’s sins, Tooba’s father greeted him nicely. Only if he knew the truth, the man wouldn’t be on the same floor as him.

Furthermore we witness how Ail is disgusted by Hadia but is chained because of his son with her, the bipolar man really needs therapy! Omair and his mother believe that these two are really happy and this marriage is an ideal one, unaware of the stance of Hadia – her family is content. Adil deep down is afraid about the truth being revealed, he did molest Tooba and the reality being revealed is his worst nightmare.

So now Tooba is terrified as hell about going and living in the same house as that devil, but we believe that she should stand up for herself and it’s enough with being afraid of Adil! Omair truly loves her and she should be glad about that, don’t you agree? Though we are curious about what will happen next.

Omair still is unaware of whatever happened to Tooba, will he find out soon? Is Adil going to make her life a living hell all over again or will she be at peace? How will Hadia react when Adil’s is exposed? Watch out for the next episode of Ghayal ony on ARY Digital on Thursdays at 8.00 pm.

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