After Faiz yelled at Mahira for ignoring him and not being a good wife, she fell really sick and was taken to hospital. Faiz doesn’t really realize that his wife was 8 months pregnant and rather than being a pain he should’ve been her support. Mahira is finally blessed with a baby girl but Adil was the one who donated her blood.

Her critical condition had the entire family worried sick which caused a hassle. Moreover, Hadia overheard everything that Adil was saying to Tooba and how their past is linked, sadly Hadia is unaware about what precisely the past was. She was then highly inquisitive and began to throw in her concerns to her sister, who knows exactly what Tooba has been through. The tragedy is that even she is unaware of who assaulted Tooba. Only if she knew that Adil was the devil!

On the other hand Omair is extremely upset that his new bride is caught up in her maika dude to Mahira and her baby, he clearly needs his wife right next to him. Ghayal has us all hooked now which is another plus. Adil’s character is hated by all, the psychotic man thinks that hitting his wife may make him a stronger man. Doesn’t Hadia deserve a happy life with a sane husband?

This entire situation has gotten Mahira highly worried, the woman just had a baby and deserves to have a proper rest, instead she wanted to come home. Does Faiz even care? All he and his evil mother wants is a divorce from Mahira because she is all about family. One day the true colors of Adil will be revealed, but until then, the poor Hadia suffers. Do you believe that she will leave him once she finds out the truth?

Moreover, will Tooba actually announce how awful Adil is? Her father overheard everything and how Adil is a devil, will his heart attack be another problem? Will Faiz still divorce Mahira after finding about his baby girl? All of these answers will revealed in the next episode of Ghayal on Thursday at 8.00 pm only on ARY Digital.

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