As time goes by so many things has been changed , From Tania’s faded obsession to Talal’s efforts to start living again ever since Laali’s divorce happened  , altogether so much has altered. Now these  siblings has showed each other immense love that Talal is not getting married to Roshana , however he used to like Roshani but due to Laali’s broken home Talal devoted himself to be stagnant in life, whereas Roshani’s grandmother discussed her marriage proposal and wanted her to get married and be settled for once. Roshani is inclined more towards Talal and really wants to spend her life with him , whereas Talal is unable to make decision and is surrounded by a whirl of emotions. he just wants her sister’s happiness and want to see her move on , as it hurts him to see her falling apart.

Talal’s friend Mustafa happened to bear feelings for Laali back in the days , however Laali got married and their unfinished love tale was put on its end eventually. As Mustafa contacted Talal after ages and wants to meet him , with the passage of time Mustafa is reminiscing over his time spent with Talal and his pure feelings for Laali, maybe he is afraid to confront the relations now. On the other hand Saifi is living a miserable life where his mother got him married to Saboohi happened to be Tania’s sister in law , although it was Saifi’s mother plot to play safe after kicking off Laali from Saifi’s life but it turned table and it was him who was suffering through tough times.

Laali seems much stronger now with the passage of time and feels good to see her all happy now , the episode displayed Talal’s agreement over Roshani’s proposal and atlast was ready to be wedded with her. This decision made the entire family happy and Laali was extremely glad that her brother has decided to move on in life, but there was some weirdness in Talal’s heart and wanted to trade the marriage with Laali’s marriage as he proposed with the idea of her moving on as Laali’s son needs a father and he wanted to see her all settled , so basically this is a vice versa feelings.


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The tempo of the drama is good , and the direction of scenes also makes the audience glued , Zarnish Khan is doing a great job and has immaculate acting skills that supervise her character very beautifully.

Let’s see will Talal ever accept Roshani whole heartedly?

Will Laali be able to fulfil Talal’s wishful thinking of her being married again?

Will Saifi ever forget Laali and if he is regretting his act of leaving his dear family?

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