Jaana continues to try and allure Shahab – sadly he’s oblivious to her intentions and treats her as a friend, but on a personal note he must reserve himself and not lead her on with giving a wrong impression. Looks like Jaana believes she’s going to achieve the goal which she desires. Her over frankness with Shahab is suddenly bothering Sumera, what maid gets highly involved with her superior?

Sometimes spraying perfume on Shahab and others going out for a drive, her closeness to him is eerie, Waada is now moving forward with the assurance that a twist is just around the corner. Sumera being a slave to her bed is making her worst nightmare come true. Now, Sumera has realized that Jaana is a bad news – she complained to her mother in law and demands to wave good bye to her.

Furthermore, Sumera’s concern lead to Jaana being out of the house and bringing Rehmat back again. This decision is certainly getting to Jaana who now hates her owners now as they kicked her out. The drama serial is a slow paced one but sure has the viewers hooked. Performance of Saboor Ali is undoubtedly amazing and you can’t deny that.

Moreover, will Jaana be able to make her way back in the house?  Now that Jaana has developed an obsession over Shahab, will she confess her “love”? How will he react when she does? What will Sumera do to get done with Jaana? We believe that Sumera’s baby might be in danger as Jaana is certainly evil and can easily cause problems.

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