Shahab’s mind is suffering from anxiety and is stressed out to the extreme as he is caught between his sister’s wedding and his own issues related to Jaana and Sumaira. Shahab’s sister is going through an exasperated consequences of Shahab’s marriage with Jaana , as the entire family is not excepting Jaana as his second wife , with this act each family member is going through crucial times. It was Uzma’s mehndi ceremony when Shahab accused Sumaira’s secret affair with Uzair which made the marriage arrangements  postponed.

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Shahbab is awfully jealous with Uzair’s existence and his visits at his house to meet Sumaira , however Uzair is just trying to console her from the pain she is confronting. Shahab is disturbed as his sister’s marriage is on stake so he visited Uzma’s in-laws and asked them not to postpone the marriage arrangements,  but they put a strange and legit condition infront Shahab to leave Jaana and divorce her in this way Uzma’s wedding would be resume. This condition was so tough for him and it made Shahab realize that life is nothing without his own family and he must repair and restore what has been ruined.

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Will Shahab ever leave Jaana for his sister’s wedding?

Will Shahab be able to find his way back to his family?

Will Sumaira ever accept  Shahab with wholeheartedly?

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