Shahab is caught in the middle as his family is parting from him due to his fellowship with Jaana. Sumaira always seek loyalty from Shahab but with this act she feels like thousand knives stabbed in her heart . So now as per Shahab’s decision Jaana and her mother has to move to their own house due to Shahab’s sister wedding arrangement , he did not want any mishap to be created in the event. When both Jaana and her mother packing up to leave the house Shahab’s daughter returned the bird cage to them and also she despise them , Jaana scolded her of not being a mannerable child to her mother and in return Tania pushed Jaana away from her and went away.

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The scenario which was created was a brain child of Jaana’s mother who wants to make her grounds strong in Shahab’s heart and in his house. On the other hand their house maid, bubbly was acting a double standard person as she told Sumaira about a fib of Jaana’s pregnancy , whereas on Shahab’s probing she completely denied. Bubbly was also sent home due to her scheming behavior. Shahab is caught completely in a whirl of ambiguity as on oone side his family was disappointed on him and on the other side his act of humanity by marrying Jaana.

Shahab is thinking by every prospect and trying his level best to smooth down the matters, as his sister’s wedding is around the corner and Jaana’s illness (so called miscarriage) and then his own family that includes his daughter Tania whom he love lots.

Was Shahab pondering over the decision he made to marry Jaana?
Will Shahab ever find the truth about Jaana’s lie?
Will Sumaira be driven out of Shahab’s life?

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