Another episode of Naimat comes to an end and the plot moved further with Sara who has an ocean of love for Bilal but can’t help him. After he went in coma both his parents are devastated and the reaction is expected.

Naimat is a drama that takes you to an emotional roller coaster and touches the right chord. Where on one hand Sara praise the lord for the better health of her son, on the other hand Dr. Lodhi is concerned about his condition. Looks like the story is about to unravel a bit more.

Furthermore Sara quits her job at the hospital, this decision might not be the best one for her. If Dr. Lodhi intends to marry Sara is that wrong? The thought now haunts her and maybe, just maybe she’s thinking twice about this. Well, if Bilal gets better there’s a chance the two actually tie the knot.

Dr. Lodhi is asked to leave the town as Sara and Baber believe that he’s the reason of Bilal’s coma and now would want to file the case against him. Basic reason of Bilal even going in coma was the shock of knowing that Dr. Lodhi wants to marry Sara and that news was broken to Bilal by the staff nurse who now feels guilty.

On the request of Sara, Dr.Lodhi leaves the hospital – he loves her and will do anything to make her happy. According to her Dr. Lodhi wanted Bilal out of the picture. Sara is disgusted by him. Another twist that comes in the picture is Zara expecting! She however, she wants to run some regular medical test to make sure if her baby would suffer from what Bilal is going through.

Now that the nurse has confessed that she was the cause of Bilal’s condition will things be better for Dr. Lodhi? Will Bilal survive? Do you think Sara and Dr. Lodhi will get married? Will Zara’s child suffer the same fate as Bilal?

Watch the next episode of Naimat to learn more, only on ARY Digital on Monday at 8.00 pm.


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