Here comes another episode of Bay Khudi , that shows the birth of Fiza’s daughter where she totally disowns her after whatever happened to her in the past , whereas Saad is displaying immense care towards the infant , as Saad knows the truth of the blunder he made and thus trying to make the atonement.

Love to you all from both of us!

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The strange feeling and situation that Saad is going through is unbearable , by seeing his own daughter being neglected makes him worried and on the other hand his wife is not accepting the new born as she is angry and agonized of the fate she has.

Thanks to whoever made it. Sara would love it for sure! @ssarakhan 🙂

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Saad tries every bit to make Fiza realize of the fact that she has bore the child and she should not disown the infant , so she did accepted her daughter and tried to forget the past but it was difficult for her there was an unwanted and unseen whirl that she is been surrounded and is too rigid to let loose herself for once . Saad’s character is immensely wonderful as he tries hard to make the family knots more stronger , it was the blood that was claiming its league Saad, Fiza and Marium as a true family. He wants to mend Fiza’s heart and her life to bring her back to life and unwind the complexities.

Good moments to cherish! 🙂

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People are pointing fingers at Saad’s family and makings fibs out of the birth of Marium, but Saad is standing tall to confront every glitch and flaw.

Will Fiza ever accept the new born as her own child?
Will Saad sustain his patience towards the different allegations his own family members are creating?
Could it be any harder to accept the child that will make Fiza and Saad’s relationship strong?

It's Bay Khudi night! See you around 9!

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