Losing the love of your life is literally one of the biggest heartache, and that’s exactly what happened to Fiza after Asher decided to part ways from her. She’s devastated, broken and shattered, her marriage with Saad is just a compromise that she now has to make.

The part where Asher’s guilt finally kicks in and he comes to a conclusion of marrying Fiza was no doubt intense, the man who left his fiancé when she needed him the most is now here to be with her again. Why would Fiza give him a chance? Why would she ever be with a man who claimed that he loved her but was unable to prove it when the time came?

Bay Khudi has finally picked up a pace but it would get even better when Fiza finds out the bitter truth of Saad who’s a devil wrapped in a mask of an angel only fooling everyone including his mother! How will he live with the sin that he committed? He took everything from Fiza. For her he’s a redeemer who accepted her illegitimate baby. Though Fiza has no feelings for Saad, she is only marrying him for the sake of the family’s honor.

Moreover, Fiza’s brother is suspicious of this marriage and keeps on raising the question of why was the engagement with Asher called off, for which his mother has no answer. How will Fiza ever adjust with Saad when she’s clearly in love with Asher, she’s disappointed but that doesn’t change her love for him. I believe she should’ve given him another chance and that might have lead to a happy life.

What does the future hold for Saad and Fiza? Will the duo remain happy or will they drift apart? When will Saad’s truth be revealed to everyone? Will life be normal for Fiza and Saad after the baby arrives?

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