Rubab (Played by Komal Aziz) and Sajjal (Played by Hira Tareen) are 2 sisters living at their uncle’s house along with their mother after the death of their father. The behavior of their aunt is not good with them as she keeps on bashing the family for no reason treating them like servants of the house.

Daughter of their aunt Momo is someone who loves hanging out with friends and is least interested in household chores.

The story progresses as a family comes to see Momo for their son Instead of Momo, Rubab met them first, greeted them and served them dinner. Rubab’s aunt becomes angry over her attitude and complains about her.

Rubab secured good grades in her college and wants to take admission in medical but her uncle told her that he cannot afford the expensive education so she should take admission in university with his daughter Momo.

Meer (Played By Shahroz Sabzwari) is a very rude police officer who loves his privacy and cannot share it with anyone, not even his sister. Meer has a cold attitude towards his step mother which pisses her off.

The episode ends when the family which came before for Momo’s rishta, comes again but asks for Rubab’s hand instead of Momo’s.

Where will Rubab’s life will lead to now? Will her aunt let her live in peace after this incident or will she have to face her unreasonable attitude.

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