Muqabil suddenly gets interesting with the character of Parisa unraveling a tad bit more, the girl is as complicated as a puzzle. There’s a reason why her parents are worried about her, her being introvert has gotten them all to be concerned. Mohsin Abbas (son of Mehmood) plays a character of a very intelligent man who shares the same interest of growing plants as Parisa.

Parisa find Mohsin Abbas touching her plants and gets furious over it, but later it’s shown that the two were best friends as kids, looks like Paris is now trying to make a conversation with him only because she feels a little attached to him. Moreover, when Parisa’s dad tells her to make her hobby of growing plants into a career , she refuses because she feels they are a family. Does that make sense?

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The show seems to be getting somewhere only after the second episode, as Parisa’s mother has come to a decision of declaring her ‘insane’ –  she wants her to get hitched as soon as possible. Her brother on the other hand doesn’t think she is less than a retard. The sad thing part about Parisa’s life is that no one is willing to understand her and has began to throw in their own judgments.

The scene with her and Mohsin Abbas in a garden showed how she actually has missed out on so much in life, she doesn’t listen to music or does she like going out with anyone. She has basically isolated herself and the realization was given by Mohsin Abbas. Though the status of these two are worlds apart, looks like a future is possible. Parisa has her parents worried, so a chance of normality for their daughter will be a score!

We believe that Parisa should let her big secret of being physically assaulted to her parents, that might help her have a better life, what do you think? Will Parisa and Mohsin Abbas develop a romance? Who was the devil who practically took the life of Parisa and left her like this? Will Parisa’s mother make sure she gets married to any Tom Dick and Harry? You have to wait and watch the next episode of Muqabil, only on ARY Digital on Tuesdays at 8.00 pm.


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