This episode showed Mahi standing on her feet  once again and at the same time it showed how Mahi and Zain felt about each other, the way Mahi turned this situation into an opportunity for Bubbly was beyond amazing!

The scene when Zain’s family is having breakfast showed that the family had driven apart mainly because of Arshi’s attitude. There was a time when Zain did not take his mother’s negative approach seriously, but now he does not have the energy to put up with the negativity. Mahi and her mother’s scenes in the episode proved that these tough times had only brought them together

Aisha Khan and Saba Hameed complement each other in all the scenes which makes their strong bond and beautifully written dialogues truly effective. Zain and Mahi both have changed in a few months but in a completely different way. Mahi’s conversation with Sanam was another one of those scenes which went to show Mahi’s open-mindedness. This drama has some really strong women who are standing by one another and balance out Arshi’s negativity which is my least favorite part of this drama.

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On the other hand, Zahir’s proposal did not come as a surprise. It was good to see Sanam wondering how Mahi would feel about the way she felt about Zahir. Sanam and Mahi’s relationship so far has also been a terrific part of this drama. Similarly H’s character is also positive and balanced. His scenes with Mahi always put a smile on my face; he is caring and sensible which makes one wonder how he managed to spend all those years with a woman like Arshi!

Apart from the medical aspect of the situation, the writer has done complete justice to this script and the director has executed this script seamlessly. Also, Khuda Mera Bhi Hai is one of those few dramas in which all the actors involved are giving their best performances. Most of the characters in this play have a story to tell and you feel an instant connection with them without even trying and that in our opinion is the real beauty of this drama.

So do you think Mahi will succeed in raising her child successfully? Will Zahir and Sanam tie the knot? How will Mahi and Zain live without each other? Watch Khuda Mera Bhi Hai to find out more answers  only on ARY Digital on Saturdays at 8.00 pm.

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