Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – another episode that was plain refreshing! The fact that Zahir stood up for Sanam and his bhabs was truly inspiring, Arshi has gone beyond the limits to try and control her sons. How long will that go? The woman hates Mahi and Noor. On the other hand, Zain is taken over by the feeling of losing his wife that he loves, he is weak to not accept Noor but he does want to be with Mahi. Will he divorce her?

The scene where Babli baji transformed herself to Babban was the best! His love for Noor is true and we all witnessed that, it was very overwhelming how one could change their entire personality for just a baby. Aly Khan who has played various roles gives a promising look, Mikael seemed like a sensitive and caring man who was also down-to-earth.

Furthermore, Arshi is persistent for Zain’s divorce and Zahir wanting to tie the knot with Sanam, but her husband is against that. Looks like she finally have someone to shut her up. His is a good man to even stand by Zahir’s side when he married Sanam against of his mother’s will. This is something that really ticked off Arshi and made her realize the fact that she can’t keep her sons at leash!

Now that Noor is all grown up there’s a problem of where he has to go, his education is now another obstacle for Mahi and her son. Is being male or female specify your future? Being a third gender is his fault? Our schools need to understand how important it is to educate a child not based on his/her gender.

The bold Mahi has made it her mission to give her only son a normal life to live amongst everyone, will she win? Will Noor have a chance to have a regular life? Do you think that Zain and Mahi are ever going to be together? Don’t forget to watch the next episode of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai only on ARY Digital on Saturdays at 8.00 pm.


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