A promise means everything because once its broken sorry means nothings. Shahab lost all the admiration in the eyes of his mother, sisters and above all – his wife Sumera who gave him everything. The woman took care of him and loved him helplessly, but what did he give her in return? Deceive?

Sumera can never be a mother only because Shahab was the cause that lead her to be bed ridden. So basically she lost everything, her husband, her bundle of joy and her honor to Jaana, she finally succeed in her conspiracy. Shahab is now forced by his mother to divorce Jaana under any circumstances but he refuses to do so. How could Shahab do something awful as that? Why would he cause heartache to so many people solely for Jaana? The woman tricked him to marry her, it’s not like she was committing suicide at all. She’s a gold digger and we all know that!

Final title #Waada

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Sumera finally called her brother to be by her side, the time when needed him the most was this. It’s obvious that there’s nothing left between Shahab and Sumera, the two should only part ways and continue to live their lives accordingly. The part where Sumera broke into tears and begged her mother in law to not stop her from leaving that house and Shahab was truly intense, it was filled with emotions and sentiments. Whatever happened to Sumera is unfair, her love for Shahab has always been pure and selfless.

Waada falls under the category of fine drama serials, though the plot is a little off, as educated men don’t get trapped that easily, it’s still a worth watch. Will Shahab divorce Jaana? Or will Sumera leave her husband for good and move to US? How is all this going affect these three people? Watch Waada only ARY Digital on Wednesdays at 8.00 pm.

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