Another exciting episode of Sun Yaara has taken a twisted maneuver as Tania’s family has put Laali in a strange condition as her marriage is in danger after Tania’s belittle mind plotted against Junaid who is not at all interested in Tania, however with Tania’s accusation has definitely made the family ties in danger.

Tania’s mother has taken an outrageous decision by deciding Tania’s wedding with Junaid only than Laali be able to come back to live normally with her husband . The cruel mind of Tania’s obsession has totally manipulated everyone in the family. Saifi has finally declared his decision over Laali for Juanid’s and Tania’s wedding , she is upset to the extreme and Junaid is not at all bending or accepting the accusations as his court is clean.

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Junaid and Laali are caught in the middle as the situation requires their sacrifice to restore family’s reputation. Tania’s evil plan is somehow vindicated as she wants to gain her brother’s favor to the extreme, only this will help her to pave her ways for Junaid.

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Will Laali be able to save her marriage?
Will Junaid ever accept this condition of Tania’s proposal?
Is it the aftermath of Junaid’s maltreat towards Tanis?
Will Saif give priority to his mother and sister than his own family that includes his wife and only son?

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