Mora Saiyan’s previous episode was a slow paced one, Ghaziyan and Nimra are forced to tie the knot but we all are aware of Ghaziyan’s clear choice of Zubaria. Nimra is girl who always loved her cousin ever since she was young. Reminiscing everything, Nimra was facing a fate worse than death, the loss of Ghaziyan has left her helpless and in dire straits that she puts on an end to her life.

Entrance of Kabir Khan lit up the show and he seems like a person who might change the course of this drama serial, Zakia may have made a wrong decision of divorcing him. On the other hand Nimra being in a critical condition has gotten everyone to shed nonstop tears. She knows that she can’t survive without Ghaziyan and wanted to opt death over life.

Moray Saiyan proves that Ghaziyan’s love for Zubaria is pure and true, the two are meant to be together and they must realize that, moreover it turns out that Nimra and Dr. Altamash are step siblings. Kabir Khan’s daughter in law Dr.Farah is dealing the case of Nimra. The relationships that were once complicated are now unraveling into something that we needed to see. Several various bonds are now coming into notice which is a positive thing.

Now that Nimra is in hospital because of Ghaziyan, will she survive? Even if she does how will she face the consequences of losing her one true love? What will the return of Kabir Khan bring to the show? Watch Moray Saiyan only ARY Digital at Tuesdays at 9.00 pm.


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