Will Maira’s hunger strike emotionally trick her parents to agree to Javed’s proposal?

For a father who has never said no to anything his daughter ever asked for, this want of her has become impossible to fulfill. He never realized that all his pampering and care would cost him his daughters future!

He tries to explain Maira that marrying Javed is a bad decision and she isn’t being practical or rational about it, he adds that there’s nothing wrong in liking someone, but ‘Khaandaan’ and class difference have a huge role to play.

Maira is firm on her stand and the parents are left with no other choice but to give in. They make a deal that they would go meet Javed on only one condition; if they find a single fault, Maira will have to back off from her ‘Zidh’.

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Confident on her choice and Javed’s faultlessness , Maira agrees.

Will Javed impress Maira’s parents?




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