Drama serial Waada consists of a plot which clarifies that sometimes tricks and tactics work as equally as honesty. It’s funny how Janna is all about plotting into marrying Shahab, she’s a maid and her dreams are of a queen. Women like Jaana are the reason why men don’t trust their wives.

The previous episode showed how she makes countess efforts to somehow get Shahab’s attention, but being a good husband he can’t care less about this woman. Where on one hand the Nikah ceremony of Uzma is taking place and the entire house is busy with the preparation Jaana is just coming up with several ideas to stand high in the eyes of Shahab.


Her jealousy towards Sumaira is very obvious, and what we don’t understand is that why isn’t she being kicked out if the vibes she’s sending to Shahab are strange? Her standard tricks and tactics fail to work on Shahab so she comes up with something creative. According to her ‘mujhe ghee tehri ungli se nikaalna aata hai.’

Jaana targets Lubna’s husband Arif – who’s nothing but nice to her, do nice people deserve to be mistreated? To gain Shahab’s attention she makes sure he’s around to witness the show she puts up is believable. She begins to cry and yells how her honor is so important and she’s not the kind of girl he thinks she is.

Innocent Shahab sees all that and believes her, and now she comes in notice! Wow. This clever girl knows how to work her ways. She really ticks Arif off and he demands her to tell Shahab the truth. However, she doesn’t.

Now the question is, will Arif be able to prove his innocence? Does Shahab completely believes Jaana? What else does Jaana have in store for this family? Her intentions are as evil as it gets. Moreover, how will all this affect Shahab and Sumaira’s relationship?

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