Heer’s and Jamal’s love story is one of the cutest love story we have ever seen. Jamal being the most innocent and Heer being the most mischievous has already won our hearts with their amazing performances uptil now.

In previous episodes, we saw Heer getting engaged to Shahmir. An engagement with which she is not happy at all. She asked Jamal to continue his studies as she won’t be able to continue her but instead Jamal decides to go back to his village leaving his studies incomplete.

Heer convinced him of her love and they shared a close moment which Heer’s colleague captures and send it to Heer’s brother in law’s. Heer on reaching home figures out that Qaiser has an idea about their relationship and warns Heer of the consequences if she goes to university again.

Heer meets Jamal and asks him to take her away to his village so that they both can lead a happy life. Jamal and Heer go to court for court marriage but Jamal after marriage asks her to return home to her father and encourages her to tell him the truth. Jamal leaves the court taking Heer to her father and stops in a mosque for prayers on his way.Meanwhile Qaiser reaches there and takes Heer to his house to make her meet all the family members.

Jamal tries to find Heer but all his struggles go in vain. Heer’s father betrays his daughter and calls the police to get Jamal arrested.

Will Heer ever come to know about her father’s injustice with Jamal or will she get married to Shahmir? For all this and more keep watching Qurban every Monday 8:00 PM on ARY Digital.

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