“Jab jism se rooh nikal jati hay tou usay dafna dia jata hay, ghar main basaya nai jata”.

Imtiyaz, who always had loved Suhana with all his heart and soul, now made up his mind to divorce her, not because he had stopped loving her, but he did not want Suhana to live with him just because of “Istikhara”.


Imtiyaz’s unchanged decision had displeased everyone. Suhana found herself guilty and to save her marriage she tried everything to make Imtiyaz happy.


Imtiyaz assured Suhana that they will be friends forever but could not be into marriage anymore, he sent Suhana back to her home, which disturbed everyone at her house. Suhana’s mother could not handle the trauma and lost her mental stability.


On the other side, Rameez portrayed himself as an immature man, who did not care about his future and life. His mother blamed Suhana for everything that made Rameez angry.


Has listening to her heart led Suhana to this chaotic life?

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