Bay Khudi moved forward with Fiza confessing the bitter truth about her life to Asher who claimed that he loved her to death, but wasn’t able to accept her illegitimate child. He proved his love in the oddest way and now the engagement is off and the two part ways. She is helpless and it’s all because of Saad, the man ruined her completely. It’s sad to see how one’s obsession can lead it’s victim to face fate worse than death.

Moreover, the entire family hoped that Fiza’s pregnancy test would be negative, but to their surprise it came positive. Saad will have a baby with her, tough he has ruined her entirely and now has no way to mend her broken life. Will Fiza abort her baby or have it? A girl in our society can’t live peacefully if she’s been sexually assaulted. Her life is now at a place where probably committing suicide is her only option. Rather than putting an end to her life, shouldn’t she move on and look at the brighter side?

On the other hand Asher’s mother accusations of Fiza being a bad character girl shattered her in pieces, leaving her to swear upon Quran that she did nothing wrong and was raped in dark. Her condition has left Saad drowning in his guilt, how could he ever forgive himself for what he did? The happy go lucky Fiza was no less than a deal soul who believes she has no purpose to live. She lost the man she loved, her honor, and her sanity solely because of Saad’s obsession of her.

How will Fiza overcome this trauma? Will Saad and Fiza tie the knot? Or will he confess his sin to her? How can Asher and Fiza ever forget about each other? Bay Khudi is a drama serial that is now moving forward and the story now unravels, what does the future hold for these two and above all what will happen once Fiza and her family fins that the culprit who destroyed Fiza was none other but Saad, the man they all loved and trusted.

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