Saad loves Fiza helplessly and wants to be a part of her life, he knows that the sins he committed can only be reconciled if he makes Fiza’s life a fairy tale. It’s clearly impossible for Fiza to imagine a life with anyone else but Asher, she had planned her entire life with him and Saad made it hell. Fiza who was once full of life is now a broken soul.

Fiza and Saad are all set to tie the knot, but the fact that Saad is almost eight years older than her – it really bothers Fiza and her brother who’s now here to attend the wedding. Her brother is still unaware of the fact that his sister pregnant.

Asher misses Fiza as he loved her to bits, why couldn’t he accept her just the way she is? Was his love not pure enough? Or did he fear the society? Fiza on the other hand is still unaware of the immense love Saad has for her, she questions him if he can ever move on and forget the one he loved for the longest time.

Bay Khudi is a drama serial that raises the question of why people get away with sexually assaulting women and why does she automatically become ‘unmarriageable’? Our society never fails to astound me and always manages to do something extra ordinary. Why does a man who once claimed to be head over heels in love with you, turns his back on you when he finds out you’ve been RAPED? Why?

What was the fault of Fiza that she is suffering so much? The love of her life left her, the man she trusted blindly caused her dishonor and the girl who once wanted to achieve millstones is now stuck with having a baby. Will Saad ever be able to make it up to Fiza for what he did? Or Will Fiza ever find out that the man who once claimed to be her savior was the sole cause of her destruction?

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