The love of Baber has tremendously increased for Sara after the demise of their son Bilal, we still can’t figure out whether it is guilt or love that is driving him insane and dragging him back to Sara over and over again. No doubt Naimat has reached to a climax where it’s clear that Baber is aware of the fact that he will be lost without Sara. Baber and Sara are facing fate worse than death, drowning in tears after the depart of Bilal the two just can’t seem to find themselves at any place.

As normal as the reaction is, this really bothers Zara that she’s losing her husband to his dead son and ex wife. Furthermore, Baber and Zara continues to bicker, if she’s a mother to be she should have realized the state he is in. However, it’s just opposite. No wonder Baber finds peace with Sara, she was the one who stuck by Bilal and took care of him . She did justice to a mother’s job.

Baber wants to be with Sara all the time, after telling her that he sees Bilal in her, ┬áSara told him off. The two are as confused as they could be in this state. Their eyes are filled with tears around the clock and that makes the situation even worse. the death of Bilal has killed their ‘relationship’ too.

Now that Baber wants to be with Sara again, she clearly wants to part ways. Will Sara and Baber give their relationship another chance? Zara is upset about the fact that her hubby is slipping from her hands, will desperate times call for a desperate measure? Baber feels guilty about not taking care of Sara and that’s what Bilal needed him to do.

Naimat is romantic drama that now has kept the audience glued to their TV screens, Bilal was the glue that was holding the entire family together and after his death it’s all just falling apart. What will happen in coming episodes is something you can’t miss out. Watch the next episode only on Mondays at 8.00 pm only on ARY Digital.

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