The previous episode of Naimat was another emotional ride, the fact that Bilal was mad at Baber is probably a trauma he can’t get over of. It’s like he’s dying as the clock ticks. It’s all about Bilal and his depart has taken a piece of him along, for some reason he feels guilty for his existence. Guess you know the value of someone once they are no longer around.

The state of Sara is fairly similar to Baber’s, for her Bilal was the source of oxygen and now that he’s no more, it’s like she has no purpose. Sara constantly reminisce the blissful moments she once cherished more than anything else with her son. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” Bilal’s death suddenly made Sara tough, it appears that she is least interested in what awaits her and perhaps has zero interest in life.

Furthermore, Zara knows very well how to get on someone’s nerve and that’s precisely what she is doing with Baber and Sara, but a tight slap was just what she needed to come to her senses. Do you think she is wrong to not give time to her husband? In a way Baber needs to overcome this shock. The funny thing is that Sara believes her husband has fallen in love with his ex wife all over again! How does that make any sense at all?

The entire situation has now made the whole show that has gotten all the viewers something to look forward to, Baber who is helpless and needs his son around, Zara whose sole motive is to live a happy life with her husband, and Sara who most likely doesn’t even know what she needs right now besides sanity.

Do you think Baber will get over this state of mind? Will Sara tie the knot with Dr. Lodhi? What more does Zara have in store for Baber? Is she going to take some drastic measures to hold him back from the chaos that he’s creating in her life? Watch Naimat on Monday at 8.00 pm only on ARY Digital and quench the thirst of your curiosity!

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