After all the restrictions from her mother, Amber did what her heart desired. Her intensity of taking revenge had reached a point. She married Ahsan by going against everybody’s wishes. Revenge had made her so blind that she could not think about the repercussions of her actions.

Naheed had disowned Amber when she brought Ahsan to introduce to her family. Now Iqra, had started taking care of her mother. To support the family, Anum re-joined the hospital without any hard feelings for Dr Jawad.

Amber had accomplished her first mission by entering into Ahsan’s house as his wife. Her identity shook Sadiq and Anila. They were all shocked when they got to know about her. Seeing Amber as her daughter in law blew Anila’s mind. She knew Amber’s intentions that made her stay up the whole night.


Walking in the house, Amber felt nostalgic. Her father’s hatred and Anila’s cruelty towards her mother and sisters intensified the fire of revenge in her heart. All she wanted was to torture her in laws as bad as possible. She wanted them to feel the same pain her mother and sisters had felt in the past. She started by throwing a vase on Ahsan’s parent’s room door and threw ketchup all over in the dining room. In front of Ahsan, she showed fake care for his mother that turned the table in Amber’s favor. Torturing in laws satisfied her soul, but this was creating a mess for her mother, who had already faced so many troubles throughout her life.


Was Amber’s decision right? Will she be able to take revenge from her father and step mother? Will her motive of torturing them be successful?

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