You must have watched the episode of this heart touching and striking drama serial “Waada” written by Samina Ejaz and directed by Syed Atif Hussain . The episode has left us in tears as the situation and circumstances  flowing against Sumaira  and Dania as Shahab is helplessly  entangled in a mess. Apparently this serial is taking a bold turn leaving every family member in an extreme shock.

Shahab’s second marriage with Jaana who used to take care of his house and other domestic chores (house maid)  has put his wife and daughter in a distress and this burning fire has contaminated  the soil of this content family it was **Sighs**. In the continuation of this unfair situation that Sumaira is facing, Jaana’s mother is preparing a table and making plot to get Shahab in her clutches as Shahab tends to draw his attention more towards his only and daughter Dania who totally disagrees on Jaana’s existence and has zero tolerance to accept Jaana as her second mother.

The aforementioned details may illustrates that the matters which were slipped and were unmanageable by Sumaira can be handled by Dania just because she is only child Shahab has and ofcourse the unconditional love is there.  Shahab himself is very much distress and is perplexed with the present situation , he is caught in the middle as he has no guts to leave Sumaira, the mother of his child and alternatively , Jaana has made a fib of her false pregnancy just to make her grounds strong in his house and may linger this fake  alert for sometime until Shahab takes a final verdict on this family commotion.

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  • Will Shahab be able to make Sumaira stay in his life?
  • Will Sumaira accept Jaana to share her husband?
  • Is Shahab making a right decision in Jaana’s case?
  • Is Shahab smothering his daughter’s happiness by having a distant relationship with Sumaira?

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