The first episode of Waada was no less than a piece of amazing plot and acting skills, no doubt Shahista Lodhi has outdone herself. Waada begins with this perfect happy little family of husband wife, their daughter and rest of the family members.

Shahab’s sister Uzma is about get married and that’s what they’re busy preparing for. On the other hand the maid named Rehmat is a complete crook who pretends to be a miss goodie two shoes, her daughter Jaana works elsewhere and is highly indecent. Rehmat has completely won hearts and everyone loves her.

The show ends on the scene where Jaana’s owner wakes up to see her sleeping right next to him, that completely leaves him dumbfounded and he turns red.

How will Waada bring in new twists? What does Jaana has planned for future? Do you think the love of Shahab and Sumaira will be everlasting? Don’t miss out on the next episode of Waada only on ARY Digital every Wednesday at 9.00 pm.


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