Kiun kehrahi ho? Kis hesiyat se kehrahi ho? Kaun ho tum?


Happy days are back in Imtiyaz’s life. After all the trauma he had to go through because of of his unsuccessful marriage with Suhana, Imtiyaz’s mother chose Seema, Suhana’s cousin, for her son.

Imtiyaz seems happy but this decision has created chaos in Suhana’s family who are still hopeful despite knowing what their daughter had done to Imtiyaz.

As Suhana telephoned him and warned him about his closeness with Seema, Imtiaz’s questions proved his affection for Suhana has finally ended.

“Kyun kehrahi ho? Kis hesiyat se kehrahi ho? Kaun ho tum?”

Though Suhana’s act shows she is possessive about her ex-husband but still she can not  get over Rameez.

Despite all the restrictions from her parents, Suhana kept meeting Rameez secretly and force him to find a good job so he can send marriage proposal as soon as possible.
On the other hand, it seems that Imtiyaz finally decided to move on and to start a new chapter of his life.

Does Imtiyaz make the right decision? Let us know in the comments section below, and keep on watching “Teri Raza” every Thursday only on ARY Digital.

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