In this ultimate week two ARY Digital dramas got over on the same day, ‘Main Bushra’ and the other was ‘Nazdikiyaan’ whereas both of them got over on Thursday 12th February 2015 at 8 pm and 9 pm.

Bushra lives a happy life

‘Main Bushra’ is a story about a girl Bushra who was disgraced by her father her entire life for the reason of him not having a son in the family. Bushra got married to Faraz because of her family’s decision but then she got divorced on the wedding night because he wanted to torture his mother. Bushra always wanted to be the son of the house and she faced every difficulty bravely but yet she would breakout at time.

She didn’t tell her family about the divorce but then eventually she did after she got married to Shayan who loves her a lot. Shayan told the truth to Saniya who loves him deeply but then backed out when she came to know about the Nikkah.

In all this Faraz also died due to a car accident that he faced in USA. Bushra with lots of difficulties leads her life with happiness and proves that the name given to her Bushra always leads to happiness. You can watch all the episodes of ‘Main Bushra’ here.

Nudrat gets her lesson for the mistakes she made

‘Nazdikiyaan’ is the story about Watta Satta which involves simultaneous marriages of a brother-sister pair from two households. Nudrat got married to Adin who love Rubaisha and with lots of troubles he got her. Adin got married to Rubaisha and Nudrat could accept this, she tried her level best to get rid of her but nothing could actually happen. Rubaisha got pregnant and Nudrat hated this, she poisoned Rubaisha and this lead to the miscarriage.

Adin got to know the fact that all this was done by Nudrat and he divorced her and threw her out of the house, Nudrat went back to her and tried to force Faiq to get rid of Saima but Faiq said that he once ruined his life because of Nudrat and he won’t do it again. The secret about robbery also went got unveiled and the police arrested Nudrat.

She lost control over herself and this made her insane she would repeat her doings and it was identifying that she has lost her mind. Everyone forgave her but yet she had to live with it as she lost everything in her life, the things she took for granted are no more with her. You can watch all the episodes of ‘Nazdikiyaan’ here.

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