Another episode of Muqabil began with another proposal for Parisa, but her zero interest in it proved that she being an introvert might cause countless issues. A cherry on top was when she simply told her suitor that she’s in love with Armaan and will continue to have a romantic relationship with him even after she ties the knot with her admirer. The news leaves him in a shock.

Parisa’s mother however is persistent of her marriage, but she seems highly reluctant about it. Will she ever marry or remain what she is. Her lies finally worked and the suitor refused to marry her, this really ticked off Parisa’s mother and the hot head woman overreacted. Looks like Parisa’s past will haunt her forever, the idea of marriage with Armaan has left her parents dumbfounded! The status between the two is worlds apart.

Armaan is really fond of her and how drastically she has changed, the bubbly Parisa is now a home bird. Mehmod, who’s the manager of Parisa’s mother is a middle class man with a small home. They live a simple life, but when Parisa’s mother explodes in front of Mehmood saab – ¬†that how come his son is in a relationship with her daughter and she never knew about it. The slow paced drama serial is finally picking up a pace with quirky Parisa dragging Armaan into this state of affairs.

Now that the story is taking a swift turn it’s caused the audience to ¬†actually look forward to what comes next. Will Parisa actually marry Armaan? Is there a reason why she is plotting this entire situation? Seems like her past has something to do with this decision. How will Mehmood saab react to it? He is after all a very loyal employee of Parisa’ mother.

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