The love saga “Tumhare Hain” is written by Parisa Siddiqi and directed by Shehrazade Sheikh has illustrated a close to reality situation in this drama serial, The current episode confirms the elopement of Zoya and Danial as both decided to get married and left their families for good, on the other hand Rayan Zoya’s best pal is upset to the extreme as Zoya’s parents reached him for help. The drama is totally reaching a climax as Zoya’s return to her home for apologizing to her parents made every one upset.

The sequence of the serial is very well dramatized and by watching the play one can relate to the situations. Zoya and Danial are happy with each other and has found a new house for the two , but there is an emptiness that surrounds Zoya as she misses her parents and was hoping to share her happiness with them.

Never know , love would make one do things that are utterly menace but at times the elders of the home needs to be much understanding , it is a sheer give and take relationship and offers an exchange of trust and love, be it for parent and child relationship Siblings, or husband and wife.

Will Zoya be able to find her solace in her new beginning with Danial?

Will Zoya’s parents recover from this great shock?

Is there a way for Danial’s parents to accept their son and his wife as their family members?

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