Losing your loved one to another woman is the worst feeling, and in Ana’s case seeing Mustafa with someone else is plain heartache. Tum Meri Ho is now coming to an end and the curiosity is probably hard to hold in.

Furthermore, the situation is just awkward as Zayan and Ana are now officially married, the entire ambiance of the house has transformed and Zayan’s mother is nothing but worried about her son as she thinks that Ana has trapped him.

Zayaan is highly possessive about Ana and is willing to fight with the entire world for his wife, his love is pure and that’s clearly visible. On the other hand Zayan’s mother looks for excuses to somehow get rid of Ana.

Marrying his brother’s ex wife – ¬†Zayan has certainly caused some serious damage. Will all of this cause a split between the two brothers?

Tum Meri Ho has reached to a point where the turn of events just makes us curious by each passing episode, there was only one thing that was required by Zayan’s family. These two brothers should not fight over a girl but that does happen solely because of Ana.

Do you think Mustafa will find the truth about Ana? Will Ana ever be happy with Zayan? What does the future hold for these three? This love triangle can’t get any better.

If you wish to find the truth – make sure you watch the next episode of Tum Meri Ho only on ARY Digital tomorrow!



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