Its your weekend and maybe you have planned a hangout with peeps for a mall crash or to dine-in at your old places you have been repeatedly. Well we suggest you some best and cool coffee shops in town.

Cinnabon, located at Dolmen Mall,Clifton sells variety of coffees and good cinnamon chicken too, so definitely best place to hang with mates.

Cafe Flo, located at block 4 Clifton has a splurge Europa-decor and has a good beverage and food quality.

Cafe Aylanto, located at block 4, Clifton experts in good sea food and they also make home deliveries, so its a treat for hangout and hang in chills.

Koel Gallery & Cafe, located at 26th Street, Clifton and has a blended culture projection as it has a painting gallery porch and a cafe aswell, nice decor and atmosphere and is a decent place to hangout.

Cafe Pantry, located at 10th Zamzama Commercial lane and is basically a casual dinning place, they serve sweet potato fries which is unique and has a beautiful Italian decor.

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