Total Siyapaa

Drama Plot:

Total Siyapaa is an exciting household story, it is depicting relationship between landlord and tenants of his house. Their daily quarrels and issues with each other create comic situations.

Basharat Ali is a very near-sighted landlord, who is always worried about his home finances. His tenants Nelofar and her bubbly daughter Sameena are very sharp minded. Qarabat Hussain with his old-aged sick mother lives in upper portion of the house as another tenant.

Nelofar comes up with different excuses for not paying rent. Mehboob (landlord’s son) develops affection for Sameena which grows with every passing day. Basharat and Nelofar frequent arguments and Mehboob and Sameena’s love relationship is always creating a total chaos in house.

Written by: Kishwar Adeel Jafri

Directed by: Shahid Khawaja


  • Ashraf Khan
  • Fazila Qazi
  • Asad Siddiqui
  • Anum Aqeel
  • Shahid Khawaja and others.


This drama is over but you can watch all the episodes here.

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