Total Siyapaa

Total Siyapaa

Comedy genre is one of the factors that play a vital role in making the viewers happy and laugh all their tension out and ARY Digital brings a new drama in this genre. ‘Total Siyapaa’ is coming soon only on ARY Digital, no timings or date have been mention as yet but still viewers are anxiously waiting for it due to its comedy genre.

ARY Digital already has comedy dramas like ‘Bulbulay’ ‘Dugdugi’ ‘Rasgullay’ and ‘Total Siyapaa’ joins the pack with this tremendous first promo that has been aired on 22nd January 2015.

By watching the promo it seems like the story is going to be a fun one with the young lovers finding ways to make the hate get over. While elders are the victims of planning that the youngsters are plotting. It will be a total chaos as the title represents, stay tuned to ‘Total Siyapaa’ Facebook page and ARY Digital’s official website to see that when will this comedy drama start.

Total Siyapaa

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