Gaining weight seems like a simple equation – just eat more calories than you burn – but doing it healthfully is a bit more complex. You’re likely to gain more fat than muscle and increase your risk of disease if you eat fatty and sugary foods, for example. Getting plant-based fats and nutrients from calorie-dense items like coconut milk, however, can help you gain in a way that’s healthy and balanced.

For some people in the world gaining weight is an easy task for them like the same way losing weight is difficult for some. Here are some of the fruits and vegetables which can easily help one to gain weight:



Drink one big glass of warm milk after eating two bananas; continue having it daily for two to three months to gain weight. It is best remedy for skinny people.


Pomegranate is effective in increasing blood in body. It is also effective in gaining weight, having proper flow of blood in the entire body helps in creating mass.


Eating raw coconut also helps to gain weight.  It helps in the nutrition which adds on to the weight gaining process.

Dried dates:

Dried dates also increases blood in the body and immunity is provided.  Boil some dried dates in water and eat them with milk.


Peanuts are high in calories and eating peanuts daily is a great source to gain weight.


Gee is the purest form of fat and mixing some ghee with sugar and eating some daily can make one gain weight.

Carrot and peas:

Carrots can play a vital role to gain weight, eating carrots raw or drinking carrot juice can add to one’s weight. Eating peas is also very helpful in gaining weight.



Soak seven almonds in water daily at night. Peel them off in morning and mash well. Mix some butter and sugar and eat with bread. Drink some milk with bread also to gain weight. It also helps to sharpen mind.

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