Getting a job in a media house can be a dream come true for any person but with that dream, comes a lot of “Hoo-haws” from people who find it really hard being happy someone else’s happiness. Here are the things people say every time they find out somebody works in a media house.

1- Channel main kam karti ho ?? TV pay aogi ?

Aunties and Uncles!! Take a break!! Working in a media house does not always mean working on-screen. There is a lot of work done at the back end to run a channel.


2- Tum tou saray celebrities say milti hogi!!

Not necessarily, not every department of a media house deals with coordination with the celebrities.


3- Na aanay ka koi time, naa janay ka koi time!!

After all, there is no specific time for being creative!


4- Ramzan show kay passes to daydo!!

Every time you go to any event people ask you for all these passes for shows and events like “Jeeto Pakistan” etc. Like hello, we are not here distributing any passes!


5- Mujhay bhi acting main chance dilao!

So everyone needs to understand that there is a big difference between a media agency and a Production House or a Talent agency!


Let us know in the comments below if you have faced these too just like us!

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