Yes! And we know its Friday when you craving for weekends to come so desperately but the week pass so slow like a snail and suddenly when you know Thursday means, ” Bas weekend anay wala hai” , Ahh! such a relief even imagining yourself lying under the mountain of pillows.

Here are some of the first thing first reactions you immediately imagine in your brain:

Wait What? Its Friday !
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And then you invite your friends as if you wanna say “Thank You Friday”
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And if anyone tries to ruin your weekend there is only one word popping in your think cloud “TRY ME”
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Ofcourse, Uninvited guests are not allowed at your weekend party or else you move them to the
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And when you know its all the junk stored under your bed, A frenzy begins 🙂
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But Monday haunts you and gives creep in the middle of the fun :/

And its finally over, the cheap thrill ride was gone with the wind.
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But then you start thinking about weekend again when its just Tuesday 🙁
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So I guess we have to endure it till another Friday 🙂
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