Teri Raza

Teri Raza an ARY exclusive drama serial is giving #HusbandGoals for many girls seem to be drooling over Imtiyaz’s character wishing to have a husband like him. Girls like fantasies. A world full of rainbows and rains and butterflies, where nothing is imperfect, and all her wishes comes true. Likewise, every girl desires to marry a man who can be perfect for her in every which way.

ARY exclusive drama serial “Teri Raza” is#husbandgoalsfor many girls who

Following are the five “BEST HUSBAND” qualities that Imtiyaz has:


Imtiyaz is a mature man in his early forties. A well settled and well-educated, running his own business, Imtiyaz knows how to treat a woman and does so ideally with his carefree wife Suhana. Every girl wants somebody who can pamper her like a little child and there can be no one who could be better than Imtiyaz.


Afraid of your husband’s anger? Well, our Imtiyaz has never been seen getting angry on his wife. Being a mature, Imtiyaz knows how to control his reactions. He has the best patience that a man could have. Girls never want to be scolded or dominated unnecessarily by their husbands. Imtiyaz always tries to understand the reason behind Suhana’s mistakes and bad behavior and then handles her with love and care. This quality can melt any girl’s heart!


Every wife wants to be loved by her husband, the more the love the happier the couple!Imtiyaz is deeply in love with his wife. He admires her, loves her, praises her and understands her. He never fails to express his love to his wife.Talk about an ideal man! Don’t worry girls, you will find your Imtiyaz soon, until then keep dreaming about our Imtiyaz and keep watching Teri Raza.


When pregnant, a girl is extremely emotional owing to the hormonal changes in her body and all she wants is for a man to understand that. Her husband should bear all her mood swings and fulfill all her food cravings. Teri Raza character Imtiyaz got over excited when he heard the false news of Suhana’s pregnancy and told the whole family about her pregnancy. He appointed the best gynecologist of K-Town for his wife, gave medicines on time and took care of her.


In today’s world, the biggest thing a woman dreams of is to have someone she can call her own. Imtiyazloves to do cute little thing what his wife likes. He changed his entire dressing which his mother could not. He loves to take care of his wife and loves planning things with her. This is just not it, he also takes care of all the mess his wife creates.


Imtiyaz is the most desirable husband a girl could think of. His looks, his financial stability, his maturity and his unconditional love for his wife is girl’s husband goals. Keep watching “TERI RAZA” and let us know of Imtiyaz’s qualities you would want to see in your husband in the comment section below!

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