One more episode of Teri Chah Mein comes with twists that you would absolutely love! It seems like that the love of Mehwish and Faisal is finally fading away, the two are now falling apart and in all honesty Mehwish is partially at fault as she was the one who ignored Faisal enough to push him to this extent.

Someone who once loved you with all their heart is now that someone who wants to be as aloof as he can. Is that fair? Now Mehwish is reminiscing all the memories that Faisal once gave her.

On the other hand, another issue occurs when Amber suggests that Zara and Faizan should get married. According to her – Faizan’s daughter gets along well with Zara and she’s a good girl. These two should tie the knot. Who knew her suggestions would lead to an argument where Faisal tells Amber to mind her own business and don’t act smart, she shouldn’t be the one to talk about Zara’s life.

Furthermore, Zara has agreed to this proposal, why? Maybe because she wants to torment her mother or does she actually wants to marry Faizan? Mehwish, however blames Amber that she’s the reason of all the problems.

Another twist that comes up on the drama is when Faisal and Amber find out that they are expecting, the couple is overjoyed by the news.  Zara tells Faizan her entire story and how her ex fiancé married her mother. This news really surprises Faizan but he doesn’t change his decision of marrying Zara.

How will Mehwish overcome the overwhelming newsflash? Does Zara wants to get back to her mother for ruining her life? Will Mehwish let Zara marry Faizan?

So much more awaits you and if you wish to find out more, then watch the next episode of Teri Chah Mein only on ARY Digital on Wednesday at 8.00 PM.

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